23 Gay Travel Essentials For Your Next Holiday

As the holiday period approaches, we hope that you have some saucy, gay getaways planned. Whether it’s a weekend trip to Fire island or a month long backpack trip through Vietnam, us gays have more to consider than the average straight traveler. In this blog article I will run you through the items that I think are must-haves when travelling as a thriving gay. This lists is also a fantastic resource of gifts ideas for your gay best friend. 

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Holidays are some of the most magical times of the year and what makes them even more special are the possibility or anticipation of something a little sexy on a naughty trip. Now, This requires more preparation than cis-hetero sex, which can be tricky when traveling. We love our lifestyle, but we have to take it with us. This breakdown of travel essentials can used all year round or you can use it for best gifts for your gay best friend or you can send it to your straight friends and family so they have gay travel gift ideas for this holiday season. 

Even if the holidays aren’t looking sexy, there are some other general great travel gifts that we think are essential to all. These travel essentials are not only for the gays but since we have impeccable taste, we thought we included them for everyones benefit. 

#1: Discreet Douche For Travel

Let’s start with the number one gay travel essential, a travel douche. Sure, you probably have your favorite at home and yes, you need to bring one, but going through customs with it has risks. No one wants their douche pulled out of their bag in front of a whole queue of people. 

Our suggestion, invest in this small and discreet bottle attachment that fits on plastic water bottles. It’s easy to travel with, doesn’t take up space and doesn’t scream douche. It’s also extremely useful for when you travel to countries where the water is not drinkable. Just buy a bottle of water, attach the attachment, and you are ready to go. 

Health tip – remember not to douche with the tap water if the water is not drinkable. 

#2: Power Bank For Your Phone

Battery packs are essential for gays when traveling. Why do you ask? Well because we run the highest risk of running out battery from staying out all night dancing at the club or going home with a hottie! Let’s hear it for the gays, we are too much fun on the holidays.

Phones are famous for having the worst battery life, especially when you are walking around and using maps 24/7. Also, I have been in too many dorms and hotels where the power outlet isn’t near the bed and I still need to scroll on Grindr. I’m so passionate about this subject that I have an external battery pack that sticks to my iPhone. It’s easy to charge on the go while partying at night or sightseeing the next day (oops, maybe I didn’t even sleep!). 

#3 Individually Wrapped Wet Wipes

I hate to have mom energy about it, but individually wrapped wet wipes are handy no matter where you go. The thing about mom’s is that they get it, we just turn it into being a daddy. The amount of times I need a wipe, whether it be for the washroom, at a party, or in a dark room, I am always grateful I have these on hand. These are some of the handiest gifts for your gay best friend.

This particular brand is safe for the skin. Means that you can use them on intimate parts, making them the best gay holiday gift (even when you aren’t traveling). They are individually wrapped, so you can bring a few with you and don’t have to worry about keeping the pack clean. Finally, they are flushable– we gays love the environment right 😉

#4 Kindle E-Reader For Your Gay Novels

Holidays are well spent if you have some time to kick back to read a gay thriller. Am I right? Books are a kilogram killer and take away space in your carry on that you should be used for great outfits. If it’s between a book and a harness (#15), I say go with the harness. 

Everything is at your fingertips with an Amazon Kindle. This is also helpful when traveling to other countries where they might not have books in your language. I recommend reading some gay books like “The King Is Dead” or “None Of The Above”.

#5 Privacy Screen Protector

Screen protectors are great to have in general, they protect your phone from damages and scratches but the most important thing they can do is keep your private life private. With an anti-spy privacy screen protector, people can’t see what’s on your phone when looking from the side. 

This is essential when you are on a public bus, browsing all the hot photos of yourself last night or dropping into your next town to pick the sexiest Grindr date while on the go. For gay travel gifts, look no further. This screen protector allows you to feel free to sext your dirtiest messages without fear the person next to you being nosy. 

#6 Noise Cancelling Headphones

As a gorgeous gay, you need a pair of noise cancelling headphones. Planes and public transit can be so horrid, especially during the holidays as they play their obnoxious Christmas tunes. If you are anything like me you need to be able to drown out the arguing couples and crying children and listen to your own music.  AirPods with noise cancellation are great, but noise cancellation on over-ear headphones are next level great.

These headphones pack easily as they are so tiny and really come in handy when you are trying to sleep somewhere where it’s loud. For me they were my lifesaver when I accidentally booked a hotel right next to a loud highway in The Philippines. You never know when these will be your best friends. They are the perfect gift for your gay bestie this holiday. 

#7 Handheld Steamer For Traveling

Two truths that contradict each other: no gay likes wrinkled clothes, and clothes always wrinkle while traveling. What is a traveling gay supposed to do? Some hotels don’t have irons and as for hostels, forget it. This is when a handheld steamer becomes your hero. It is also one of the best gifts for your gay best friend, I regularly gift this item.

It’s one of the easiest things ever, whip the steamer out of your luggage, add some water, plug it in and it’s ready to steam in 30 seconds. No wrinkled clothes. You will look fabulous in all your insta pics and fresh for every Grindr date, club night or drag show you attend! 

#8 Eggplant Emoji Pool Float

Yes, we think eggplant emojis are fun, who doesn’t like a good eggplan. Depending on where you holiday, you could be the one bringing the fun or gifting the fun. There is nothing more luxurious than floating in the pool on your holiday getaway. This eggplant is quick and painless to blow up and it’s a crowd pleaser at a pool, in the ocean, or at a lake.  

Relax, get a full body tan and float your worries away on this bad boy. Invite someone on the floatie with you or use it as an excuse to show off your new speedo. It’s a fun, gay travel gift idea for a coworker or stocking stuffer. 

#9 Travel Perfume Containers

Cologne bottles are clunky, heavy and expensive. The last thing you want is to bring your signature smell only for it to leak or break in your luggage onto everything you own. Trust me, it’s a disaster. However, having cologne or your signature scent is important when travelling. Not only can you become stinky quickly, but for me smelling good is a huge confidence boost. 

I rave about these travel perfume containers for keeping fresh. Transfer some of your favourite colognes into a travel container, which will last you your whole holiday. I always bring two so I can alternate and switch up the scent. 

#10 Travel Spray Bottles

While we are on the subject of reusable travel essentials for your gay best friend, these spray bottles are really are so handy. When I go for a short weekend or a day trip, I can’t be fussed about bringing the whole bottle of sunscreen, lube or the whole skincare routine (but I still need those things).

I’ve found that these are much better than buying the cheap ‘travel size’ options. A gay wants what they want. I still want all MY products. Plus, this way, even though you have to buy more at the front end (and yes they are plastic) they are saving you time, money and more plastic in the long run. Plus you still get the quality of your products. 

#11 Hidden Belt Stash

Unlike any other belt, this bad boy has a secret place for small items like keys, money or other small items you might desire when you go to a party (wink, wink). No, it’s not the most stylish but would you rather be robbed, high or dressed to the tens – really it’s a choice you get to make!

I especially find these handy in places like Paris and Barcelona, or really any tourist cities in Europe, because there are a lot of pickpockets. You especially need to be careful in metros and train stations. Don’t forget to remove items from it when travelling through the airport, as in, don’t forget anything illegal inside.

#12 Hidden Wristband Stash

If you are digging the concept of the hidden belt stash but just can’t handle aesthetics, this might be the answer for you. It’s giving much more BDSM energy. It’s a wristband made out of leather with handsome straps and buckling. Like the belt, it has a secret compartment for your items.

This is useful in the same ways the belt is useful, but the wristband has another bonus. If you are going to circuit parties somewhere and don’t have pockets to carry your money, it’s the perfect answer to the problem. I would especially recommend this if you go to European dark rooms or night clubs, as a lot of pickpocketing happens here and you might not be wearing much clothes. 

#13 eSIM by Airola

If you are travelling somewhere where your homeland sim card isn’t supported, you can either get a local sim or an eSIM. Local sim cards are usually the cheapest option. However, they require you to go to a phone provider to get it installed. Then, when the data runs out you might have to return to the phone provider or top up online.

eSIMs are very simple and can get you connected the minute you land in a country. Most new phones carry the eSIM functionality (iPhones after 2017, Samsung s20 and later). All you have to do is download the app, select the country, and then purchase the plan you want (they often have 1, 3, 7, 14 or 31 day plans for data). Personally, I’ve found it a must when I was travelling through a lot of different countries during a short period. You can use my referral link to get $3 off your first plan just click here.

#14 Individually Packaged Water Based Lube Packages

Lube is an essential gay travel item but may not want to bring a whole bottle of lube. Or, maybe you bring it in reusable bottle (#10) but don’t want to bring this to the club, even though you are pretty sure you’ll be going home with someone.  

You can never really know when you’ll get some action, so it’s always handy to bring a couple small packages with you whenever you go to a party during your travels. I mean, you are already bringing that holiday energy – that’s horny! And yes, small packages of lube can often be found at most local gay bar bathrooms, but no one ever wants to be left in need. So, gift your gay best friend something a little handy this holiday. 

#15 Harness

Look. A harness is a must for any gay who likes to go clubbing at gay bars or clubs while traveling. If you go somewhere like Puerto Vallarta, Fire Island, Mykonos, Torremolinos or Berlin, you simply must. You really don’t want to be without.

Here are the facts. You will most likely end up at a party where dress code is shirtless or sport and fetish wear and you don’t want to be left without something hot. A harness is good for every party theme, it’s not too bulky to pack and it elevates anyone’s chest. It’s a gay travel gift essential, a no brainer. 

#16 Portable Speaker For All Your Gay Anthems

It doesn’t matter where you are going or what you are doing, a little music enhances the experience! I’ve had countless days at the beach with friends on a blanket, watching the sunset, listening to some chill tunes while having a drink. They wouldn’t be the same without the tunes as they really create, elevate and bring the vibe

If you are on vacation and away from your own sound system, but still trying to create a mood at your hotel or invite some new friends over to the pool after a night out – the party will die quickly without some good music on a good speaker. *And while I wish the vibe could continue anywhere, all night, be mindful of people around you.

#17 Gay Bathroom Essentials for Carry On

Ideally, you are able to buy reusable bottles and pack your own carry-on essentials. But if that’s not your vibe or you find the whole process of packing painful and annoying– this is a great solution. They are all carry-on approved sizes and won’t stress you out. 

Complete with a razor, cologne, whips, and a hairbrush, this travel essentials kit has everything you need to stay clean, smell good and look fresh on your holidays. This is also a great idea to gift to your gay best friend right before you tell them they have 20 minutes before you must get to the airport for a surprise getaway weekend! 

#18 Crossbody Fanny Pack

I see the crossbody fanny pack as a travel essential. It’s perfect if you don’t want to carry a backpack while exploring and want to make sure your items don’t get pickpocketed. I also wear it when I am traveling to the airport to store my passport, wallet and phone safely. I never let these items leave my body (by putting them in a backpack for example). 

The fanny pack is also great for when you are attending big pride events as it’s light and keeps your back and hands free. Personally, I think wearing it across your body actually looks hot, so it’s a win-win. 

#19 Pre-lubricated condoms

The easiest way to practice safe sex is to be prepared. Even if you are on Prep and prefer to have sex without condoms, you might find that gay men in other countries prefer to have safe sex. Peoples preference for safe sex should always be respected.  

Before you travel, you can use this website to see what the Prep status is in the country you are going to visit. I recommend getting the pre-lubricated condoms and make sure to use water based lubes as the oil based ones can break condoms. 

#20 Portable Beard and Body Trimmer

Hey sexy bear, I’m looking at you. We love what you are all about. If you or a gay best friend needs a fantastic holiday gift, this could be the one. For me, I love to stay groomed and fresh while travelling. I bring a small but powerful trimmer with me anytime I go on a trip longer than a couple of days. It’s easy to quickly clean up the neck line of your beard without having to shave.

I find this one super nice because it doesn’t require you to plug it in the wall while trimming. All you have to do is charge it before your travel and you will be good for a couple months! Its also one of my favorite gifts for my gay best friends.

#21 Wise Debit Card

When travelling, you need a world-wide debit card that works everywhere. It’s very annoying, and sometimes catastrophic, when your bank freezes your debit card on vacation. For some reason, this always seems to happen even if you give your bank a heads up. Then you are paying insane international phone charges as well to call them – eyeroll.

Wise is seriously the answer. All you have to do is upload money to it just like Paypal. You can use it in any country and at any ATM. It also has some of the most favorable currency exchanges I’ve ever seen. Also, you can freeze the card through the app in case you lose it. It also allows you to instantly send money abroad (with very low fees) in case you need to transfer someone some money when travelling. It’s genius.

Within a couple minutes after signing up you will also be able to add your Wise debit card to your Apple wallet – game changer. 

#22 Elastic Workout Bands

A lot of us gays like to stay active during travel, but often can’t or don’t want to get a whole workout in at an expensive local gym on the go. A good way to get some quick exercise in while travelling is to use resistance bands.

They are a great travel workout option because they are super easy to pack and take up almost no space. You don’t have to go to the gym, you can get a few pumps in before heading to the pool, beach or club and you can train almost any muscle with them. Check out some workout youtube videos here. 

#23 Fiber Pills For A Happy Gay Gut

Travelling can be hard on your body and gut, especially eating different kinds of food and tap water (not to mention stress).  A lot of people get either bloated or constipated while traveling, making it harder to keep your gut healthy and bowel movement consistent. Fiber pills are a gay travel essential. 

Fiber pills will make sure your toilet visits stay consistent and healthy, which is great for everyone, but essential for gays who bottom. There is no worse way to ruin a vacation for a bottom than being backed up. But whether you are a top or a bottom, keeping a healthy gut will make for a much better vacation.

That’s all!

I hope you enjoyed my gay travel essentials! No matter if you are going on a holiday this season or looking to buy your gay best friend a gift, I hope you found one or two or a handful of great ideas here. As an avid, gay traveler I can say with confidence that many of these items changed my life– you can’t go wrong with this list! Safe travels and happy holidays to my gays!

P.s. – If you are planning on a trip to Torremolinos, check out my Torremolinos Spain Gay Travel Guide and hit me up!

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