Grindr Hook Up Story – Exploring the Uncharted

The morning sun streams through the curtains, casting a warm glow on my face as I slowly wake up. My head is pounding from last night’s drinks and dancing at the club. My friends were all flirting with girls, some disappearing into the darkness with their chosen partners for a night of passion. But I … Read more

Is It Rude To Not Respond On Grindr? Grindr Chat Etiquette

Welcome to the world of gay dating apps, where platforms like Grindr make it easier and easier to meet gay guys around you. These apps are being used for a variety of reasons: chatting, setting up romantic dates, finding steamy sexy hookups, networking, and hey, even making some fabulous life-lasting friendships. We judge others based … Read more

Is Grindr Killing The Gay Community?

gay man crying because of grindr addiction

Gay bars used to rival Amsterdam’s red light district as the horniest place to be. Tales of endless flirting, erotic desire and sweaty dance floors where the sexual energy oozed from every crack. There was something for everyone, and usually more than on. Going home with someone was effortlessly. I’ve heard countless times, mostly from … Read more